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Metal detecting has become increasingly popular over the years, and it has been a passion of mine for about 15 years now. With the technology new metal detectors are using, just about anyone can easily start metal detecting with a few minutes after getting a new metal detector.

This site offers stories, tips and finds from myself and others who mutually share the hobby of metal detecting. If you have a neat story or find to share, please let me know and I may post it here. ALSO, PLEASE MAKE YOU SURE TO POST ANY REVIEWS YOU MAY HAVE TO HELP OUT OTHER DETECTORISTS. WE NEED REVIEWS!. Thanks for stopping by!

Minelab Etrac Reviews

June 29th, 2012

Minelab’s most technologically advanced detector sets new industry benchmark!

The E-TRAC is Minelab’s most technologically advanced detector incorporating unique Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology and SmartfindTM discrimination (see the Images & 360 page for pictures). Its sleek, sturdy design, innovative control panel, intuitive menus, clear LCD screen, robust lightweight coil and comprehensive targeting options set the E-TRAC apart from any other detector available today.

Minelab has taken the groundbreaking step of incorporating a USB interface – the E-TRAC Xchange (see the Images & 360 page for pictures). This enables you to connect your metal detector to your home computer to download and upload your E-TRAC settings, user modes and discrimination patterns. There are a number of sample patterns you can try located on the specifications page. You can build a resource library charting your success with your E-TRAC storing your valuable settings for your favourite sites – never worry about losing your most successful settings again! This advanced feature is also designed to allow you to quickly configure the E-TRAC at the touch of a button to particular detecting environments and preferred targets so you can spend less time messing about with settings and more time out in the field doing what you love doing, detecting.

When it comes down to it the E-TRAC will locate valuable metal objects in a variety of mineralised ground conditions such as extremely salty soils, seawater, wet beach sand and highly magnetic ground conditions. By using the E-TRAC you can become one of the many successful detectorists who combine their passion for the outdoors with the excitement of discovering valuable coins, relics, gold and jewellery on a regular basis.


•Utilising FBS technology with simultaneous frequencies ranging from 1.5kHz – 100kHz the signal received from the detectors coil is analysed from a wide range of responses. This allows E-TRAC’s advanced signal processing to analyse more target information so that target identification is more accurate.
•E-TRAC Xchange USB functionality – create, download and upload your favourite E-TRAC settings and save them to your computer or Xchange them with friends by email.
•QuickMaskTM with independent ferrous and conductivity rejection level adjust – a fast and simple way to edit patterns.
•SmartfindTM – a unique two-dimensional scale of discrimination graphically representing both the ferrous and conductivity properties on the same display working to eliminate signals from undesired targets and accepts signals from desired targets.
•Discrimination scale with radical realignment improves target ID and the recovery rate of good targets at depth.
•Four pre-programmed Minelab user modes for switch on and go detecting with specific Settings and Patterns suited to Coins; High Trash; Beach and Relics.
•Four user mode slots so you can personalise modes to suit your specific target preferences and detecting environment.
•Refined threshold adjustment level on a 1-50 scale for greater precision to suit your requirements.
•Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators on two modes making target size and identification more accurate than ever.
•Ground Setting options of Neutral and Difficult allowing you to adapt easily to benign or the most challenging operating conditions.
•Trash Density settings – High ensures you experience fewer false signals in high trash environments while Low is perfect for cleaner sites.
•User-centered keypad and menu design – fast and easy to use with intuitive icons and logical menu sequences.
•Clear resolution visual display panel 72mm x 48mm – designed for optimum visibility in all light conditions.
•Ergonomic, perfectly balanced Handle Assembly ensures longer periods of detecting without fatigue!
•Ultra-lightweight waterproof 11″ Double-D waterproof coil for versatility with sharp, accurate pinpointing and depth.

Minelab CTX 30/30

June 29th, 2012

The waterproof all-terrain CTX 3030 is the ultimate high performance TREASURE detector

Discover more historical treasures with the most accurate target identification available. With a full colour LCD and advanced Target Tracediscrimination you will find more treasure, even amongst junk littered areas, in all ground conditions.

Enjoy the freedom of wireless audio with the versatility of built-in speaker and headphone options.

With Minelab’s exclusive integrated GPS, you can navigate to your favourite locations and record your finds. Transfer your detecting information onto Google Maps using the XChange 2 PC application.

‘Switch on and go’ simplicity, five preset Search Modes and many automatic functions make it easy for the beginner to get started. Advanced features are easily accessible at the touch of a button for the experienced treasure hunter.

With the unrivalled performance of the CTX 3030 you’ll experience The Future of Discovery!

Main Features

•Waterproof: You can go detecting anywhere with this versatile TREASURE detector. You have the flexibility of land and underwater detecting as the CTX 3030 is waterproof* to 10 ft (3 m).
•Wireless Audio: Have the freedom to detect without your headphones being attached to your detector. With the WM 10 Wireless Module^ you have the choice of using the built-in speaker, supplied headphones or your own favourite headphones.
•Ultimate FeCo Discrimination: With Ferrous (Fe) and Conductivity (Co) target resolution, plus adjustable Tone ID Profiles, you can detect (accept) the targets you want to and ignore (reject) the rest. With Target Trace and Target Separation, you can identify multiple targets simultaneously for accurate detecting results.
•Full Colour Display: The full colour LCD clearly displays more target information than ever before and greatly enhances the CTX 3030’s discrimination capabilities.
•GPS Locating: See where you have been, and where you are going, by using the Map screen and Navigation Tool.
•GeoTrails show the ground that you have already covered.
•WayPoints mark points of interest.
•FindPoints mark your treasure locations.
•GeoHunts record your entire detecting adventure.
•PC Mapping (with Google Maps): Upload all of your detector settings and treasure locations to your PC using the XChange 2 application. Attach photos and text to your finds, group them into categories. View the locations on Google Maps. You can also download data to your detector for re-exploring favourite areas.
•Quick Menus (and smart functions): Quick Menus give you easy access to ‘on the go’ adjustments. Smart functions (Sensitivity, Noise Cancel, Audio, Ground Balance) and a customisable User button allow fast changes to your most used controls while detecting.
•Ergonomic Design: The well balanced design has all the battery weight behind the armrest for comfortable detecting. The detector is fully adjustable to suit your needs.
•Multi-Languages: You can choose from 9 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish.
•Key Technologies
•FBS 2 uses multiple frequency transmission and coil-to-detector data communication to find more targets in variable ground conditions.
•Smartfind 2 provides digital signal processing and precision FeCo discrimination, with colour target information, for the best target identification results.
•GPSi has very high sensitivity for accurate recording of geo locations.
•Wi-Stream creates very fast wireless audio with no loss of sound quality.

140 Year-Old Civil War Time Capsule

January 17th, 2012

About 20 years ago a friend told me about “Relic Hunting.” He took me out one day and after the first 3 ringer I was hooked!

Now-a-days my favorite place to hunt is private property, with permission of course, for Civil War relics. I’ve also gotten into beach hunting in Virginia and the Outer Banks, N.C.

My best find so far includes a lot of things which were all firsts for me. I was using a Nautilus DMC IIB that I was very familiar with – it was my machine of choice for 5 over 5 years. I also had my Gator trowel with me to help dig.

After about three hours out, my Nautilus read a deep iron signal in a place that’s called “Stoneman’s Switch,” a very well known Civil War winter camp site, or “hut.” I started digging with my friend Cory who was with me, and about 2.5 feet down I hit the “barrel bands” that were used as a chimney on old winter huts from the Civil War camps.
What lay beneath my finger tips was a 140 year old time capsule that contained a variety of relics including buttons, bullets, bottles, coins, a religious medal and a comb. The value of this cache is literally priceless, and I can’t describe the excitement I felt upon finding it.

The attached photos show the ground conditions I found this in, a picture of a Confederate button with bullets in the background, and two 1861 coins – front and back. Enjoy!

- Jeff B. Newport News, Virgina

The Staffordshire Hoard (Magic Mystery Treasure)

October 27th, 2011

The Staffordshire Hoard, as it was quickly dubbed, electrified the general public and Anglo-Saxon scholars alike. Spectacular discoveries, such as the royal finds at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, had been made in Anglo-Saxon burial sites. But the treasure pulled from Fred Johnson’s field was novel—a cache of gold, silver, and garnet objects from early Anglo-Saxon times and from one of the most important kingdoms of the era. Moreover, the quality and style of the intricate filigree and cloisonné decorating the objects were extraordinary, inviting heady comparisons to such legendary treasures as the Lindisfarne Gospels of the Book of Kells.

Once cataloged, the hoard was found to contain some 3,500 pieces representing hundreds of complete objects. And the items that could be securely identified presented a striking pattern. There were more than 300 sword-hilt fittings, 92 sword-pommel caps, and 10 scabbard pendants. Also noteworthy: There were no coins or women’s jewelry, and out of the entire collection, the three religious objects appeared to be the only nonmartial pieces. Intriguingly, many of the items seemed to have been bent or broken. This treasure, then, was a pile of broken, elite, military hardware hidden 13 centuries ago in a politically and militarily turbulent region. The Staffordshire Hoard was trilling and historic—but above all it was enigmatic.

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Metal Detector Saves Hunting Trip!

December 15th, 2009

I am an avid camper and hunter who has always loved to get into the outdoors and enjoy.

My son and I were planning on hiking to the top of Walker mountain and hunt ” high ridges” for two weeks. We set up camp and the first frosty morning we set up our hunt area and a beautiful white tail came within range of my son….then it happened. He raised the rifle and flipped the scope gaurds up and everything fell apart…..screws that were very tiny…bands…rings..everything. The rifle was not sighted in for iron sights.

We looked for hours through the leaves and dirt but all was lost. I remembered that I had a metal detector in the truck from searching Amelia county for relics and we decided it was worth a try. We hiked back down the mountain laughing about ” Murphys Law” and climbed back up in enough time to get some rest. Long story short we found all of the parts and the hunt was on…we did OK in the hunt but the metal detector saved the whole experience.


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